Who are we?

Auckland Tree Masters is owned and operated by Matt Baird.

Matt has 15 years experience as an arborist. Prior to owning Auckland Tree Masters he had an arborist business in Australia for 4 years where he specialised in difficult access areas climbing trees no one else wanted to. He also has worked for a number of orchards and also New Zealand Rose Company. So Auckland Tree Masters can safely remove large difficult trees.  They have extensive experience with very difficult areas even with using helicopters for removal.  So no Tree Removal is too large or too difficult.

Auckland Tree Masters offer pensioner discounts and would be happy to give a free quote, advice or an arborist’s report with prompt, professional and friendly service.

What makes us different?

Sick of tradespeople that don’t phone you back? We know how frustrating it can be waiting around wondering if you’ll hear back from someone. Our guarantee: Phone us for a quote on (09) 281 3205 and we’ll call you back by 10am tomorrow (at the very latest) or you get $150 off your quote.  (Monday to Friday)

We make a point of leaving your grounds as tidy as when we arrived. When we remove a tree, we remove all branch chippings and leaf blow all other waste from paths etc. We’ll even get up on your roof and blow all the saw dust out of your gutterings.  Some customers even say their grounds are tidier than when we arrived!

Auckland Tree Masters has $5,000,000 public liability insurance unlike many other arborists who may only have $1,000,000. Which, with the price of housing today just isn’t enough insurance coverage. Not that we’ve ever had to make a claim due to our stringent safety policies and practices.

Aboriculture is more than just a business to owner Matt Baird. He is passionate about plants both big and small and spends his spare time in his own large garden and orchard. So you can be confident he will treat your garden with the same care and respect he does his own.

We also give pensioner discounts as a way of saying thank you to an important part of our community.

What do our clients say?

“I highly recommend Auckland Tree Masters to any potential clients. Matt is a highly skilled individual and a true professional which clearly shows in his work. My willow resembled a manicured bonzi tree once he had finished with it. Not only was the quality of the work outstanding the tree’s were felled and chipped in such a fast and efficient manner I was blown away. Matt went the extra mile which is a rear find this day and age. If your looking for all these qualities stated above in a arborist then Matt is your man.” – Steve Turner

“We would just to like to thank you for your continued support of our services. Your donation of extensive amounts of timber suitable for firewood processing has been hugely beneficial to us. As you are aware our service employs men with an intellectual disability and every little bit helps to keep our service running. We have really appreciated your support in the past and look forward to this continuing in the future.” – Maureen White – Matea Trust

“We would thoroughly recommend Matt of Auckland Tree Masters. He stands out from the rest with his professionalism, manners, efficiency and skills. We had our concerns regarding a large cedar on our property we wanted felled. He took the job on with care and skill; the tree was downed in a flash, and he did an excellent job of cleaning up afterwards. Thanks Matt!” – Shelly Draga

Dr. David Rowland- Referee

Phone 09 424 3490 or 09 486 6388