How to Select an Arborist for tree removal in Auckland, NZ

So you have a tree that towers dangerously over you home? Perhaps a tree is old and diseased and you’re worried about it coming down in the next storm? Or you need to remove a tree to make way for a new building.

Removing an unwanted or diseased or dying tree is a lot tougher than just getting out a chainsaw and hacking the tree down. A general handyman might not be the best answer for tree removal.

The lowest risk option is to select a qualified Arborist for tree removal in Auckland

A professional and qualified Arborist should have detailed knowledge of a plethora of tools and equipment with which to ensure the tree is removed with the least amount of risk to not only themselves and other people but also to surrounding property such as buildings and vehicles.

The equipment they use will also affect how tidy the site from which the tree removal occurs is left.

This equipment includes:
Climbing equipment, harnesses, hitches, lowering and rigging equipment, chainsaws and blowers, stump grinders, and chippers.

They also need to know how to handle heavy equipment like diggers with grapples and trucked mounted hi-ab cranes in the case of removing large weighty trees.

You may also want to consider whether you want a large unsightly stump in your lawn. And even small stumps that aren’t visible to the eye can prove annoying in the damage they can do to a lawn mower.

In both these cases once the tree is removed you will also want a company that can remove the stump from site so you can even resew lawn for a “like it was never there” finish. A qualified arborist will be able to perform these tasks and many more.

How can you find a qualified arborist for tree removal in Auckland?

The yellow pages will probably be less effective than the internet to search for certified arborists. The yellow pages for Auckland don’t have a category for “Arborists.” Rather there is just a heading for “Tree Services”. The contents of the ads under the tree services heading will provide some idea as to the specific expertise of the advertisers. For example some ads emphasise “tree care”, “fertilizing”, “pest/disease control” and “fine pruning”. In other ads “brush chipping”, “section clearing”, “fire wood”, “stump grinding”, etc. are predominant.

However even though both types of ads fall under the heading “Tree Service,” they sound like quite different types of services. You also won’t necessarily know if the company has qualified experienced and well trained arborists on staff from the ads (although some will mention it).

Whereas an internet search that brings up specific companies websites should include information like qualifications and experience and at least help to thin down the list of tree removal companies you wish to get a quote from.

Once you’ve found a few arborists that look up to standard then get written quotes. Be sure to ensure the quote specifies exactly what is included in the job. For example does the tree removal include the chipping of the limbs? What sized pieces will the trunk be cut into? Who is responsible for removing the tree limbs from the site? Will chips be left in one pile or strewn everywhere? While a quote doesn’t have to include all of the above, it’s best to know exactly what it includes to avoid any disagreements after the tree has been removed.

How not to find an Arborist:

A final note of warning. You should be wary of people coming door to door offering tree removal and trimming services. The New Zealand Herald actually ran an article on 22 October 2009 advising the North Shore City Council was warning people in Auckland to beware of “fake tree trimmers”.

“The council’s resource management group manager, Stefan Naude, said: “We have had problems on the North Shore before with people posing as qualified arborists, targeting the elderly and scheming people out of large amounts of money. Most reputable tree contractors will not knock on doors to acquire work, but will advertise in newspapers and through other means such as mailbox drops.”

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